【tdr0136】No matter how hard you try you won’t be able to go around the Tokyo Disneyland in a day!


Whether it is weekend or weekdays Tokyo Disney Resort is full house that couple of ten thousands of people come and go.

Some guests are visiting the park for the purpose of popular attractions, so over an hour of waiting is a common thing. Then it would be totally impossible to have the perfect day with going on the every single attraction that you aim and even you planned a plan perfectly it doesn’t go that smooth, this is the reality.

May be some people think you can go on at least once if it’s not that busy, but I can definitely tell you that even it isn’t that busy you will have to give up on something in order to enjoy the most. It is because “Disney Resort is made to not to be able to go around in a day”.

For example, if you have rented the Tokyo Disneyland for yourself. It opens at 8am and close at 10pm, you have 14 hours to go around without queuing up. It probably making you thinks you can go on to every attraction and see all the parades if you have that much of time.

But, when thinking about knowing about following time requirements…

【Required time for attractions】

Alice’s Tea Party ——————-1minutes 30 seconds
It’s a Small World—————10 minutes
Westernland Shootin’ Gallery none in particular
Western River Railroad ———————-15 minutes
Omnibus——————————–6 minutes
Pirates of the Caribbean——————————-15 minutes
Country Bear Theater——————-15 minutes
Gadget’s Go Coaster—————–1 minute
Castle Carousel———————–2 minutes
Captain EO—————————–17 minutes
Grand Circuit Raceway———–5 minutes
Diamond Horseshoe—————60 minutes
Snow White’s Adventures———————–2 minutes 30 secons
Jungle Cruise————————-10 minutes
Mark Twain Riverboat——————-12 minutes
Swiss Family Treehouse————-8 minutes 30 seconds
Star Jets—————————–1 minute 30 seconds
Star Tours—————————4 minutes 30 seconds
Splash Mountain——————-10 minutes
Space Mountain———————–3 minutes
Dumbo The Flying Elephant——————————-1 minute 30 seconds
Chip ‘n Dale’s Treehouse—————none in particular
The Disney Gallery———————–none in particular
Toon Park—————————–none in particular
Tom Sawyer Island Rafts————————-1 minute 30 seconds
Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters—–4 minutes
Big Thunder Mountain—————–4 minutes
Beaver Brother Explorer Canoes————-10 minutes
Pinocchio’s Darling Journey ————————-2 minutes
Peter Pan’s Flight————————-2 minutes 30 seconds
Pooh’s Honey Hunt———————4 minutes 30 seconds
Haunted Mansion———————15 minutes
Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey————-none in particular
Minnie’s House———————————none in particular
The Enchanted Tiki Room—————————13 minutes
Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek ————4minutes
Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin——-3 minutes 30 seconds

                   (Total more than 400 minutes)

【Required time for shows and parades】

Super Duper Jumpin’ Time——-25 minutes
Disney Magic in the Sky ——-5 minutes
Jubilation!————————-30 minutes
Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights—–30 minutes
Pecos Goofy’s Frontier Revue—75 minutes
Horseshoe Roundup—————60 minutes
Mickey & Minnie Polynesian Paradise—–65 minutes
Minnie oh! Minnie———————–30 minutes
Lilo’s Luau & fun———————–75 minutes
One Man’s Dream———————30 minutes
The Magic Lives on—————–30 minutes

                   (Total 455 minutes)

(※As of 2010, November 29th)

To calculate roughly it takes more than 14 hours and 25 minutes (Including times going around the attractions that has none particular time). And to add time spent traveling easily go over 15 hours.

Therefore Disneyland is proving attractions and parades that cannot be seen or enjoy the every single one even renting the whole park. So, it is better to plan productively like “today, I want to enjoy this and this” rather than planning unreal like “want to enjoy all in once”.

Because it cannot be go around with one day it makes you want to come again… Disney Resort is created by knowing about the guests to not to let them get bored of the park.

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