【tdr0134】Where is the smallest “hidden Mickey” hiding at Disney Resort?


Typical way of enjoying the Tokyo Disneyland is “to find hidden Mickey”.

The size of Mickey is various and today, I would like to introduce the smallest one. Having said that smallest “hidden Mickey”, but there are two kinds, which is “shape of Mickey Mouse face” and “shape of whole body of Mickey Mouse”.

First, I would like to introduce the “smallest hidden Mickey that shaped his face”.

The place is Tokyo DisneySea Port Discovery.

“Hidden Mickey” is hiding on the poster of “Aquatopia”, which is popular attraction that is posted inside the theme port.

There is a woman wearing white clothes on the corner of right side and look closely of her right hand. The “hidden Mickey” is hiding on the tip of water splash of fountain.

The size is about diameter of 01⁄8 inch.

People won’t notice by seeing for the first time.

Next is the “smallest hidden Mickey that shaped whole body”.

The place is Toon Town of Tokyo Disneyland.

There are few buildings lined up on the left hand side of “Roger Rabbit Car Toon Spin” and the keyhole of green door is the “hidden Mickey”. The keyhole shaped of Mickey’s whole body looks like the ordinary shape of keyhole, so people also don’t realize this for the first time.

The size is slightly bigger that “hidden Mickey” on the “Aquatopia poster”. If you are curious about it, pay attention to the “green door”.

Although, the way you looking through the keyhole may look like a robber.

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