【tdr0115】6 ways of avoiding heavy traffic of Disneyland.


Tokyo Disneyland is a “dreamland” for us for forever.

But, it is always so crowded. To wait for hours for attractions are ordinary. Perhaps it is a “crowded-land” for us for forever… To think about cueing for the attraction makes us bummed out, but it is too early to give up. There are many ways of avoiding the crowdness of Disneyland.

1. Select the season.

Tokyo Disneyland is crowded on the weekdays, weekends, or national holidays. It doesn’t matter what days of the week, year-end and New Years holiday, Bon festival, or other days. Like some museum or parks that is not crowded on the weekdays, it never happened with Disneyland.

So, let’s think about going to Tokyo Disneyland on which season.

First, avoid the time of period that “students come for field trip or graduation trip” and “when there are tons of students”. Usually field trip happens in May, June, September, and October. The graduation trip happens in February and March.

On the other hand, in January, there aren’t many students because it is the season of exam.

Regardless of winter break during year-end and New Years, university students are having exams and high school students are having exams for university or national center test for university. Therefore, it may be a good idea to go mid January to the end of January.

February is also the season of exams and it seems like Japanese students don’t come visit the Disneyland, but “early February is Chinese New Year”, which is the key. Not just Japanese people come visit the Tokyo Disneyland. Many Chinese tourists come and visit during their New Year’s.

When going to Tokyo Disneyland thinking “this is the time not many students come” you will end up seeing so many Chinese people in celebration spirits.

2. Avoid “his” birthdays. Avoid “her” birthdays.

All of Disney characters have “birthday”.

February 4th is Pooh, February 15th is Cinderella.
April 2nd is Chip ‘n Dale, May 25th is Goofy, June 9th is Donald Duck,
September 5th is Pluto, October 23rd is Dumbo..etc…

Of course fans from all over comes to Disneyland to celebrate their favorite friend (character). Especially, avoid November 18th, which is Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse’s birthday. (There birthday is on the same day.)

And Tokyo Disneyland’s memorial day of opening, which is birthday, is April 15th.

It is also called “Grand Open Day”, so that there are special events and handing anniversary pins. This is the day also many fans of Disneyland come to Disneyland.

3. Avoid “the first day” of each events.

Disneyland hold many events through the year and the first day of the event, of course many fans are keenly interested and the entire park gets crowded.

It would be the best to think it will get crowded more than weekends when the first or last day is on the weekday. Instead of that between after the last day of the event and the first day of next event are comparatively less people.

4. Use special plan “Vacation Package”.

“Vacation Package” is a plan has many benefits like hotel, park ticket, fastpass without specified time, grandstand, and guide tour advance reservation.

Hotels that can be used with Vacation Package is listed on the official website.

Hotel MiraCosta, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Sunroute Plaza Tokyo is recommended and there are more hotels that can be used. You may think this package is expensive due to having so many benefits, but calculating the time you wait… may be this package is may be cheap.

Especially, people who come to Disneyland from far don’t want to spend time waiting while enjoying the Disneyland.

5. Use Disney Hotel “Happy 15 Entry”

When staying at Disney Hotel, you get “Happy 15 Entry”, which can let you in the park 15 minutes before the opening. You may think only 15 minutes, but to get fastpass of popular attraction this is the very important 15 minutes.

You get to go inside the park from entrance of Disney hotel guest entrance with ticket that you get when checkin the hotel.

6. Rather ask.

Other than that many things can be think like purchase the ticket beforehand with “Disney e-ticket” or reserve the restaurant.

But may be to call up the Disneyland directly is one of the ways too.

Although, to tell them “you don’t like the crowdness” will make the operator have hard time.

Write down what you want to ride, see, or eat and think about the order of priority then call.

Either you want to ride the attraction even waiting for some time or it doesn’t matter to go on some other ride if the waiting time is less on that. To tell clearly “what is your priority and which attraction you want to get on” then they may give a perfect plan for you.

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