【tdr0087】The secret of Rivers of America that Mark Twain Riverboat is floating.


Steamship “Mark Twain Riverboat” is working actively in Westernland of Tokyo Disneyland. Mark Twain Riverboat is the remake of paddle wheeler that navigation on Mississippi River of 1850 and is named after the author of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

And there is “Tom Sawyer Island” that named after the story Mark Twain wrote, but the rivers around the island is called “Rivers of American” that seemed having no relation with Tom Sawyer.

But it is actually related to “Tom Sawyer”.

Actually, the water of this Rivers of America has “Mississippi River” water, which model of Mark Twain Riverboat paddle wheeler used to navigate and appears on the story of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”

Pouring Mississippi River water happened before Tokyo Disneyland was opened in 1983, March. Bottle of Mississippi River water that was delivered, Yaeko Terasaki who is the first Ambassador poured it from the deck of Mark Twain Riverboat. (*Ambassador is a person who was selected as Disney Ambassadors at the theme parks around the world.)

So, Rivers of America acquired Mississippi River water.

And by that action, the world of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” is completed with “Mark Twain Riverboat”, “Tom Sawyer Island”, and “Rivers of America”.

Be precise about things that won’t notice until someone says. This is the Walt Disney’s view of the world.

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