【tdr0028】 A strict requirement to wash hands for at least 30 seconds


Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea have various restaurants and cafes ranging from casual to upscale ones. Each restaurant/cafe has its unique menu and atmosphere, but they share in common their professionalism in serving the guests, which also seems to be making the Disneyland/DisneySea a ‘dreamland’. The underlying concepts are ‘never to make the guests feel unpleasant’ and “to always satisfy the guests”.

As eating places, they are implementing a thorough hygiene management. It may sound like a natural thing to do, but the system is actually stricter than that of ordinary restaurants. Having an upset stomachache after meal… that is something that should never happen particularly in a dreamland.

As a very basic practice under the system, ‘hand-washing’ is strictly implemented. Especially cast members who handle foods are required to wash their hands carefully for at least 30 seconds at certain timings, such as before starting to work with foods (including after each break) and when having touched something other than foods (e.g. hair, face), to protect foods from bacteria.

Of course, it is not sufficient to just wash hands for 30 seconds aimlessly. They are required to wash hands completely, including the parts easy to be missed such as areas between fingers and under nails. In fact, how long or how to wash hands really makes a difference; it is said that washing hands in the way described above is more than 10 times more effective in sterilization than quick hand-washing.

Trivial though it may sound, thorough implementation of this kind of effort makes the guests feel safe in having a meal.

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