【tdr0018】A secret club: Only place where you are allowed to drink in Tokyo Disneyland


Tokyo Disneyland is a dream theme park which can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age and gender. There are limitless ways to enjoy it: not just riding attractions but also shopping, fast food stands, restaurants, parade, and so on. That’s why anyone can enjoy the experience there. However, there is one thing missing from adults’ pleasure.

That is the fact that no alcohol drink is sold in Disneyland. (*Of course not all adults love alcohol, but please allow us to write from a drinker’s perspective.)

Many of you may know that alcohol is not sold in Tokyo Disneyland but it is in Tokyo DisneySea. Some may say “If you want to drink, why don’t you go to DisneySea?”, but what would you say if there is a place to drink in Tokyo Disneyland?

… It is not well-known, but there really is a secret club, open only to limited persons.

The name of the club is “Club 33”.

Only high-profile executives of the Oriental Land and sponsor companies, big-name politicians, celebrities, etc. have exclusive access to the Club 33. Then you may think this is nothing to do with the general guests, but actually, those with introduction from a person who has access to the club may also enter the Club 33. So, it is not impossible for you to visit the club.

There is an entrance to the Club 33 in World Bazaar, where an intercom is hidden inside the mirror. It really sounds like a secret club, doesn’t it? To enter the club, a guest presses the intercom and tells the name under which reservation was made and the reservation time. If identified as an expected guest, he/she is escorted into the bar. It applies a very strict system to prevent people from entering without permission.

The inside is decorated with gorgeous paintings and chandeliers, where the guests can gracefully enjoy a full-course French meal while drinking. The club offers a variety of alcohol drinks; among the high-priced ones include bottles of Dom Perignon.

Besides, the Club 33 not only serves meals but also sells the original goods, such as tableware, watches and wallets, which are not available anywhere else.

Disney fans must want to enter the club once and buy the original goods as souvenirs.

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