【tdr0009】A big treat given to locals before the opening of Tokyo Disneyland?


There were various difficulties in the process of opening Tokyo Disneyland. Not only did they have to negotiate with the Walt Disney Company to attract Disneyland to Japan, they also needed to convince people living in the area where it was going to be established.

Of course, it is not something you can simply make people say yes; at first the project was opposed by many people living in Urayasu City and working in the fishing industry. Although negotiations with them were extremely tough, the Oriental Land continued to talk with them and made efforts so that the establishment would offer benefits to the local people as well, until the company eventually gained the local people’s understanding. After that, Tokyo Disneyland was decided to be opened on April 15, 1983.

As a token of appreciation for the cooperation and understanding of people living in Urayasu City, the Oriental Land invited them to Disneyland ‘free-of-charge’ on April 12 and 13 before the official opening. The two-day period was called “Urayasu Citizens’ Day”.

Thus, it would not be too much to say that what Tokyo Disneyland is today is because of the local people’s cooperation and understanding as well as the Oriental Land’s efforts to build a good relationship of trust with them by respecting their feelings.

Anyway, giving such a big treat before the opening is something easy to come up with but difficult to carry out. The Oriental Land’s thoughtful and generous service really impresses us.

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