tdr1000_Bathroom is wonderland too? Bathroom that is created in motif of Alice


At Disney Park, common places made in “dreamland” style to be the dreamland.

For example, even “bathroom” that is necessary for everyday life doesn’t have usual and inorganic interior that some place has interiors that is made according to the theme land.

Disneyland in California, America has cute bathroom that is taken ideas from “Alice in Wonderland”.

There is a statue of White Rabbit holding up the clock and heart shaped signboard that has Cheshire Cat and says “REST ROOMS”, so it makes guests imagine the world of Alice with glance, moreover each bathroom door has “card pattern”, so it has full of things that make people imagine Alice’s world.

If the bathroom was made just like other bathroom… then the magic of dreamland disappear every time guests going to the bathroom, but to be particular with interiors it can maintain the magic of dreamland.

This thoroughness is impressive that it can only done by Disney.

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