tdr0987_Sank, because the person was too fat? Surprising accident that happened at Disneyland in America


United States of America where home of Disney Park is recently having trouble with obesity problem and obesity rate of adult became 30% according to the data of Organization of Economic cooperation and Development as of 2014, so it tells how server it is.

Disney that considered the social issues deeply took policy of not giving a license contract of using Disney characters on the food when it is not filled the standard that Disney fixed in 2006 and announced guideline for new countermeasure to facing with obesity problem and these efforts have “certain accident” that happened at Disneyland in America related behind.

That is boat sink accident that happened at “It’s a Small World”.

It is quite hard to believe, but accident of boat ride that guests get on at “It’s a Small World” gets sank by not able to bare the weight that got heavy by obesity repeatedly happened.

It’s a Small World opened in May 1966.

At that time there was no obesity problem, so it is created without considering about obesity.

But obesity progressed each year and it finally became a situation that boat cannot bare with estimation.

Disneyland in America decided to renovate “It’s a Small World” after boat sink accidents.

The attraction was closed temporary in January 2008 and reopened in February 2009.

Accident of boat sinking never happened after renovation and “It’s a Small World” became an attraction that can enjoy by anyone without worrying.

Obesity created such problem cannot imagine with Japanese people.

Although, even in Japan obesity is increased after Western food culture started to spread while Japanese food is gathering many attention from all over the world that it is healthy.

Let’s be careful not to make the same trouble.

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