tdr0974_There is Space Mountain that is faster than Japanese Space Mountain?


“Space Mountain” is an attraction of Tokyo Disneyland that is gathering much popularity as one of three biggest mountains.

It is a roller coaster that themed space and the max speed is 30.44mph.

This is 4th fastest attraction in Tokyo Disney Resort and you can experience such a thrilling moment.

Although, this speed is not that fast when including the world.

Actually there is “Space Mountain” that is faster than Japanese one.

The “Space Mountain” that is faster than Japanese one is located in “Disneyland Paris”, which is the one and only Disney Park in Europe.

Paris Space Mountain “Space Mountain Mission’s” max speed is 56.54mph, which is about 1.8 times faster than the max speed of Japanese one and it has 26mph difference.

Anyway, when the max speed is 56,54mph it can imagine that the attraction is thrilling, but there are other crazy things about Paris Space Mountain.

Actually, 360 degree rotation or screw rotation, which doesn’t exist in Japan provided during the course, so it is more thrilling.

This is so exciting for those who love scream type machine.

Paris Space Mountain is perfect for people who love scream type machine and became more thrilling.

If you are not big fan of scream type machine then don’t get on the ride having same idea of Space Mountain in Japan.

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