tdr0961_Is it true that Star Wars theme land will be at Disney Park?


In May 2013, America Disney made surprising announcement.

That is to build theme land in motif of “Star Wars”.

Lately, Disney purchasing LucasFilm or people getting excited with new film of “Star Wars” series, so it became such a wonderful news for fans.

That details became clear finally in August 2015.

Actually it officially announced the Star Wars theme land will be open at “Disneyland” of California and “Walt Disney World (Disney Hollywood Studio)” of Florida.

It was announced with supreme fan event for Disney fans that holds once in 2 years, “D23 Expo 2015”. It was announced as surprise at “Disney live-action film category” rather than “theme park category”, so it threw the Disney fans that gathered all over the world into an uproar.

Anyway, the “Star Wars area (temporary)” that Disney fans from all over the world are curious and the details that announced are listed below.

[Summary of announcement details as of August 2015]

– No official name yet
– Construction starts the end of 2017 at the latest
– The area would be 14 acre (about 613542 square feet)
– Attraction that goes around the galaxy at high speed by getting on the “Millennium Falcon” and guest participating fight as galactic war solider are planned to be opened
– Providing many restaurants and activity (planning to open restaurant that appeared in episode 4 “Chalmun’s Cantina” )

This is all the details that are announced officially as of August 2015, but that Millennium Falcon attraction appears, guests can participate galactic war, or can enter the familiar restaurant, so it is all wonderful for Star Wars fans and made fans excited.

It is not unknown that if it will be taken into Japan, but I hope this Star Wars area would appear in Japan someday.

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