tdr0942_Bring it to Japan! “MyMagic+” is so convenient


“Walt Disney World Resort” (the rest is Disney World) in Florida, America is the world biggest amusement resort.

With vast extent of land of 27,400 acre, which is 2,400 of Tokyo Dome has 4 Disney Park, 2 Disney Water Park, 6 18hole golf course, race circuit, directly managed hotels, official hotels, shopping mall, baseball stadium, campsite, and many other, so it is filled with various amusement facilities.

Such the dreamland “Disney World” started to install new system “MyMagic+” from 2013 and is now gathering many attentions.

“MyMagic+” is the general name of free service like new fastpass that provided at Disney World “fastpass+”, “MagicBand”, and smartphone application “My Disney Experience”.

I would like to explain each service roughly.

1: Fastpass+

It allows making reservation of 3 attractions per day or entertainment programs from the 60 days before the valid day of Park ticket.

2: MagicBand

It can use as a room key of hotel that the door can be unlocked or locked by holding it over to the sensor, also by connecting the data of Park ticket beforehand it allows you to go inside the Park just holding it over to the gate.

3: My Disney Experience

It allows seeing information of fastpass that reserved beforehand, guide map, and waiting time of attractions.

As you can see it makes little easy for you to spend time at Disney World.

To use those, you would need to install “My Disney Experience” after getting Disney’s account and register the hotel reservation details after signing in.

After that register the Park ticket details, choose the color (red, yellow, green, blue, grey, orange, pink) of “MagicBand” that can be able to get at directly managed hotels and you will be done after choosing the name on the band (within 9 alphabets).

By the way if not customizing the MagicBand a month before you checking in the hotel you will be getting grey MagicBand.

It takes little efforts to use this service, but when finishing all that you can spend great time with “MyMagic+”.

I hope this will be introducing to Japan someday.

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