tdr0929_The reason why theme land of Hong Kong has been expanding 3 years in row


“Hong Kong Disneyland” shows a loss 6 years in row since it opened in September 2005.

The main causes of running a loss are “the area of the theme park is small” and having small number of attractions”, so from 2011 expanding the area and adding attractions has been done gradually eliminates the loss.

As the first step the theme land that added for the first was “Toy Story Land”, which is first time in Asia.

Since adding that theme land, theme lands below opened.

November 18th 2011 5th theme land “Toy Story Land”
July 14th 2012 6th theme land “Grizzly Gulch”
May 17th 2013 7th theme land “Mystig Point”

Adding theme land 3 years in row has never happened with Disney, but from these efforts Hong Kong Disneyland grew out from the loss that continued for 6 years.

It is interesting to see how the Hong Kong Disneyland changes.

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