tdr0887_In Park with only under 14 years old is prohibited? What kind of action U.S Disney took?


On March 23rd 2013, “going inside the Disney Park with only under 14 years old” became prohibited at Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida.

Which means in order for guests under 14 years old to go inside the Park need protector older than 14 years old.

According to Suzy Brian who is in charge of Disney advertisement.

– Call out guests who seems under 14 years old when there is no above 14 years old accompany at entrance gate.
– When the guest is under 14 then make a call to his/her parent or protector. In addition, either parent or protector go inside together or bring them back home.

Disney Park in America never had age restriction for admission, but how come all the sudden age restriction occurred?

For that action, it makes us think “many people against this restriction?”, but when Disney in America did research with guests and child welfare they acquired agreement towards age restriction from both.

After the agreement age restriction was decided to occur with “age 14″ by proposal of Red Cross.

Also, about a week before announcing this restriction there was an accident of 13 years old kid died drowning by playing at pool inside Disney World, so this also one of the reasons Disney is careful with only kids going inside the Park.

This age restriction is only occurred for Disney Park in America, but it seems Disney Parks in oversea have possibility of getting that restriction, but as of 2013 there is no plan of having age restriction at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Although, I am sure there are many parents or protectors that feels not comfortable only kids to go to Disney Park.

About attending the kids, please send your child after getting confortable with only kids going out no matter there is age restriction or not.

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