tdr0876_There is a “very friendly” “Partners Statue” that is different from others?


Walt and Mickey’s “Partners Statue” is located Plaza in front of Cinderella Castle of Tokyo Disneyland.

The way Walt with suit and smiling and Mickey Mouse holding hands together is impressive.

This Partners Statue design is the same as other Disney Parks and I am sure people imagine this statue when hearing “Partners Statue”.

But it doesn’t mean every detail are the same.

It is not very well known, but there is Disney Park that has certain part “totally different” Partners Statue.

That Disney Park is “Disney California Adventure” that is located in California, United States of America.

Partners Statue at there is “very friendly” than others.

First of all, the way Walt and Mickey looks is different.

Walt wears hat and having jacket hanging on shoulder like a man rather than just wearing suit. Also he wears V-neck vest on top of shirt with tie and he is standing close to Mickey with his one leg bent.

And Mickey has “classic Mickey” design and he is having small case on his right hand while standing on top of the carrier bag with Walt’s name on.

As if they are about to go for a trip and also it looks like they have high degree of intimacy when comparing other partners staute.

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