tdr0871_Way too amazing! Dream Island “Castaway cay” that is owned by Disney


Walt Disney Company (rest is Disney Company) is developing the dreamland “Disney Park” all around the world.

But it is not just dreamland that Disney Company owns. Actually it owns a private Island.

That Island is called “Castaway Cay”.

Disney Company purchased an Island called “Gorda Cay” that is located Bahamas offshore in 1996. The Island name was named after short animated film “The Castaway”.

The sound of “Disney Company’s private island makes us wanting to go to the dream Island, but we cannot land to the Island. Actually to land we need to use “Disney Cruise Line”.

Actually “Castaway Cay” is a drop in point of luxury cruising that goes around with luxury liner in Disney style and only passengers (including crews) are only allowed to land.

And only card key is needed when getting off, because drinks are free except alcohol (it is included with cruise fee) and towels and other necessary items can be rented for free.

With this private Island there are full of unique Disney performance as it is Island owned by Disney. Objects are everywhere at the Island and that thoroughgoing continue inside the sea too.

There are many items that can only find at Island and this limited-ness can only feel at here.

Other than anything, beach is attractive.

Beach is divided according to targets like for family, for teens, and for grownups and beach for family has water slider and beach for grownups has bar, so facilities that make each target get pleased are provided.

Also attractive activities are fully provided other than beach. Guests can enjoy various way like by cycling or B.B.Q.

It is not that easy to go to the private Island, but it would be fantastic to spend relaxing time at private Island.

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