tdr0865_Hong Kong Disneyland failed from the beginning? Actual situation of 6 years of run a lost


Disney Park is exists all around the world.

And “Hong Kong Disneyland” that opened in September 2005 has the least area when comparing with other Disney Parks.

When hearing small area we don’t really have good images of it like there is not many attractions that guests could enjoy. So, Hong Kong Disneyland is running a lost for 6 years since it opened.

This is definitely the worst result in Disney Park history.

The causes of running a lost are “area is small”, which I have mentioned above and there are “lack of attractions”, “not many of tourists at Chinese mainland that it is less that expected”, or “bad service by casts” can be brought up.

Because it failed from the right beginning Disney Company sent supervisor to rebuild after 4 months of opening. Reformation, which trying to acquire more of tourists at main target Chinese mainland having replacement, but result didn’t come out as expected.

First of all, when the “park is small and there are not many attractions” then it is out of question.

So, Disney Company sought “expanding plan” for Hong Kong government and gradual expanding the area and adding attractions started. By that number of attendance started to increase and achieved 6.7million of attendance during September 2012, which is best ever and achieved into black.

Although it is too early to relax.

That is because Shanghai Disneyland is planning to be open in 2016, so idea of tourists of Chinese mainland going to Shanghai can be think of.

Then Hong Kong will get a huge damage.

Having those circumstances in mind I hope Hong Kong Disneyland will do good continuously.

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