tdr0847_”Toy Story Land” is the only theme land exists in Asia


At “Hong Kong Disneyland” that opened in September 2005 gradually built more attraction and expanded area from 2011 due to operating at a loss.

As the first stage, theme land “Toy Story Land” was added first.

As the title says “Toy Story Land” is a theme land that is built in motif of Pixar film “Toy Story” and it is opened on November 18th 2011 as 5th theme land.

Inside the theme land is created based on yard of “Andy’s” house who appear in “Toy Story” as a hero of toys, so at the entrance of the theme land there is a huge statue of Woody and toys that have appear in film can be founded everywhere.

Moreover, guests can meet familiar characters inside the theme land, and guests have an illusion as if guests are in world of toys by becoming the same size as toys.

Because the whole theme land is the world of “Toy Story”, so it is overwhelming.

There are attractions of “Slinky Dog Spin”, which guests chase after a dog toy that has body of springs “Slinky’s” tail or “RC racer”, which is a toy car attraction that Andy owns and some of the attractions don’t exist in Japan, so it is a fascinating theme land for Toy Story fans.

“Toy Story Land” is the only theme land exists in Asia.

It would be a worth visiting if you are a fan.

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