tdr0831_Disney Park that doesn’t hold New Year event on January 1st?


At every Disney Park the New Year event starts at the same time greeting New Year after countdown event on the last day of the year.

It is a brilliant event that is only holds once a year and I am sure there are many people looking forward to this event.

Anyway, the New Year event starts from January 1st even there are time differences on countries, but there is one Park that holds New Year event after quite a time.

That Park is “Hong Kong Disneyland”.

Hong Kong has culture of celebrating New Year (Lunar Mew Year), so the New Year event gets hold according to the Lunar New Year.

Moreover, the day of Lunar New Year changes every year, so the date of event changes every time.

[Schedule of New Year events that were held during 2011 to 2015]

January 21st to February 13th 2011 Year of Rabbit Celebration
January 13th to February 5th 2012 Year of Dragon Celebration
February 1st to February 24th 2013 Golden Chinese New Year Celebration
January 23rd to February 16th 2014 Happiest Chinese New Year Celebration
February 12th to March 8th 2015 It’s Spring Time Chinese New Year Celebration

As you can see these schedules of event that held in past 5 years the time the events were held is irregular. Plus every year announcing the date of event on official website of Hong Kong Disneyland is always last minute.

If you were willing to experience the New Year Event at Hong Kong Disneyland then I recommend you to check that year’s schedule of Lunar New Year.

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