tdr0815_The reason why entrance of Tokyo Disneyland is only one


First “Disneyland”, which became the first page of starting all the Disney Park was opened in California, United States of America on June 17th 1995.

Walt Disney’s ideal and strong preferences are reflected on Disneyland and discussed many times for opening and one of the discussion was about “number of entrance”, which especially Walt was being so particular about.

At that time theme park “had several entrances and free for going inside” was a typical style. But Walt brought up an idea of “narrowing the entrance to one and pay $1, which is pretty expensive back then ($8 now) as entrance fee”.

How come he wanted a different style than the typical one’s?

Walt always thought about “people to enjoy with the family and safely”. When there are many entrances and even it is free like other theme parks some “dangerous people” gets in and family with kids cannot enjoy the time without worrying.

So by making the number of entrance to one removed factor of worry.

Also, making the number of entrance to one has Walt’s wish, which is “to enjoy the Disneyland methodically”. When watching a film from the half way or reading novel from the half way cannot enjoy the story for 100%.

It is the same thing that he wanted people to start and enjoy the story (Disneyland) from the introduction (entrance).

Disneyland was born with Walt’s extraordinary passion and preferences.

It is understandable why it is still loved by many people.

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