tdr0794_Halloween limited “Space Mountain” at Hong Kong?


“Disney Halloween” is a huge event at Disney in autumn.

Halloween event became regular event in Japan and Tokyo Disney Resort becomes so crowded during this season.

Especially Halloween limited attractions are so popular like “Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare” that it is always crowded by guests that it can experience atmosphere that cannot feel when it is operating regularly.

Anyway, Halloween limited attractions are so popular, but at “Hong Kong Disneyland “Halloween version of certain attraction” that is not Haunted Mansion is now gathering many attentions.

That attraction is “Space Mountain”.

It is an attraction that is loved as one of three biggest mountains in Japan, but during Halloween season in Hong Kong it changes to “Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy”.

To explain roughly it is horror version of “Space Mountain” and unpleasant music can be heard from the speakers and fearful monsters and ghost appears at every corners.

Thrilling experience that created by the fear, thrills, and speed many guests become obsessed. At last it was reimported and installed at Disneyland in Anaheim.

In Japan there is no plan of launching because of audio equipment, but it is an attraction that want to experience once.

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