tdr0792_Urban legend! Couples that had a date at Tokyo Disney Resort end up breaking up?


In this world there are many urban legends that are hard to believe and makes our neck inclined. The story of “couples that had a date at Tokyo Disney Resort end up breaking up” is one of those kinds of urban legends.

There are people who believe as jinks, or people who don’t believe and having a question of “proof of what”.

But to be honest it cannot be denied or confirm of that saying.

Many couples from all over the Japan come and visit Tokyo Disney Resort that is popular as typical date spot everyday.

Couples that came to Tokyo Disney Resort spend time together for the whole life without breaking up is such an “impossible” story even it is dreamland and the more couples gather the more couples break up.

If course there are couples that don’t break up, but stories about “couples braking up” are easy to stay in the memory, so this rumor spread.

Also, finding out the chemistry is bad at Disneyland is one of the reason too.

For example when finding out the boyfriend or girlfriend of yours doesn’t like queuing up, because he or she is so impatient when queuing up for attraction…The atmosphere gets negative and may be augment that makes the love cold, like and dislike on attraction or on food, or different priority… it is not rare that couples argue about little things.

Plus they are stuck with each other for long time, so sometime personality that couldn’t find could be found.

It’s no wonder even if the couples deciding breaking up.

It may be a good idea to know the person through the Disney date when not knowing that person that much.

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