tdr0791_”Space Mountain” was supervised by real astronaut?


“Space Mountain” is an attraction that exists at every Disney Park in the world and is one of biggest three mountains.

Of course excitement that is given by the theme of near future as of space, a thrilling roller caster full of speed, and so popular attraction that it has many repeaters.

Anyway, “Space Mountain” that is loved for long time, there was huge determination on Disney side during production.

That is to “have real astronaut as supervisor of this attraction”.

Because it has a theme of space, so to make the attraction real by having a real astronaut as a supervisor.

So, first American astronaut “Gordon Cooper” was appointed. He has a record of going around the world for 120th time within the time of 190 hours and 55 minuets, so he is the person who knows about space well, so attraction development started based on his experience.

“Space Mountain” was revealed for the first time at Magic Kingdom” in Florida, America on January 15th 1975 then “Space Mountain” was launched in Japan in 1983.

By that astronaut experience could feel spuriously in Japan too, not just in America.

But “Space Mountain” supervised by Gordon could not enjoyed until October 30th 2006 in Japan, because since the grand reopening on April 28th 2007 it became different from the original.

By the way, when it first revealed at “Magic Kingdom” there is a story of “James Irwin” who landed on the moon, as a crew of Apollo 15 impressed about “Space Mountain” when he experienced the attraction.

That means this attraction let guests to experience almost real space experience.

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