tdr0776_Be denied admittance! Certain male couldn’t get into the Disneyland of California?


“Disneyland” of California is the first Disney Park and when it opened certain male with certain characteristic weren’t allow going inside.

The feature is “long hair”.

It is hard to believe now, but longhair male weren’t allowed to go inside the Disneyland.

Disneyland of California is opened in July 1955. At that time longhair male was acknowledged as irregular existence. It was a normal thing male to have short hair and longhair is a hairstyle that symbolizes female.

Therefore longhair male stands out in a negative way and that destroys the view of the world of dreamland. So, from the day it opened to 1960’s rejecting longhair male continued.

By the way, the person who gets rejected going inside the Disneyland is a person “who destroys the dream” or “person that stands out more than Disney characters” and this is common with all the Disney parks in the world.

For example, when an adult dressed up like Halloween (or wearing striking costume or dressed up as some other character that has no relation with Disney) that person have possibility of getting rejected to go inside except “getting change to other clothes” because of “that person would stands out more than Disney characters” or “kids get confused”.

Do not to let go of yourself and wear something funky even you are so excited to go to Disney park.

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