tdr0775_The surprising reason former president of United States of America rejected “Dumbo the Flying Elephant”


“Harry S. Truman” who is a politician of United States of America who was 34th vice president and 33rd president.

He is famous with accepting atomic bombing to Japan and he has record of most lowest approval rate ever of president of United States of America, which was 22%.

It is quite hard to image from the serious occupation of politician, but after retiring from president he visited Disneyland in California.

He experienced many attractions and made full of the dreamland, but there was one attraction that he rejected to get on.

That attraction was “Dumbo the Flying Elephant”

But why he Truman rejected to get on the “Dumbo the Flying Elephant”?

That reason was because “elephant is a symbol of Republican Party”.

Truman is a politician from “the Democratic Party” and “Republican Party” is the biggest enemy for “Democratic Party”. To enjoy by going on elephant, which is symbol of “Republican Party” his pride of being one of Democrats didn’t let that happen.

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