tdr0755_Which character appears at Halloween event in abroad?


It is all the sudden, but when you visit Tokyo Disney Resort what kind of things you are looking forward to?

There are many things that can only enjoyed at dreamland like attractions, parades, or food. Each thing is very attractive, but “character greeting” cannot be forgotten, right?

There are major characters and of course minor characters exist, but it is strange that even just “meeting with Disney characters” makes you feel satisfy.

When meeting one of your favorite characters it would be unforgettable memory.

Anyway, “character greeting” is such a great event for Disney fans, but did you know that there is a character that only shows up during Halloween event in abroad?

That character is… “Jack Skellington” who is a main character of “Nightmare Before Christmas”.

This character is popular in Japan too, but unfortunately he never appeared at greeting in Japan.

By the way, in abroad his girlfriend Sally appears at greeting.

The reason why he doesn’t show up on greeting in Japan is not certain, but I hope someday he comes and warm up the Japanese Halloween.

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