tdr0752_It is different in Japan and America? The background music difference of “Haunted Mansion”


“Haunted Mansion” is a popular Tokyo Disneyland Horror attraction.

When stepping inside the unpleasant mansion background music that stoke anxiety, but this background music is not the same background music that America uses.

Actually in Japan background music having change the tone is used.

But how did this difference occur?

Japanese and Americans have “different way of feeling the scariness”.

For example when explaining with horror film then in Japan many films are about “things that doesn’t exist in this world attacks” that makes people worry or feel fear and background music or sound effect that Japanese horror films use “low tone” or “discordance” that stoke anxiety.

On the other hand, panic horror type films are the majority that people get killed continuously and background music or sound effect that it uses tend to have “high tone” or “big sound” that makes people jump up.

This difference adapted with background music of “Haunted Mansion”, so Japanese version background music is in lower tone and American background music is in higher tone.

Disney’s performance strength is always impressive that even they are particular about tone of background music according to the country.

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