tdr0750_Even nails are in Disney style! “Disney nail” that Disney fans shouldn’t miss!


Nails are one of very important fashion for woman. I am sure there are many people who change the nails into your own taste not just clothes.

There are many designs like simple design, cute design, and elaborated design, but “Disney nail” is becoming popular between Disney fans.

“Disney nails” are as the name says it is a nail art that has design of Disney characters.

The Disney nail designs are various that there is an nail art that drawn Disney character’s face, putting Disney character’s colors on the nails, or decorated character’s features.

Searching on Internet you can find many cute designs.

Also, many “Disney nails” are posted on nail design posting website, which is called “NailClue”.

“Visiting the dreamland with Disney nails” may boosts up your excitement.

How about challenging Disney nails from the simple ones?

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