tdr0738_Quite different? “World’s “Disney Halloween”


“Disney Halloween” is a huge event that gets held every autumn at every Disney Park in world.

It doesn’t mean all the contents are the same.

Then what kind of Halloween event is held at world’s Disney parks? So, I would like to introduce the one that is held in 2014.

-Tokyo Disneyland “Happy Halloween Harvest”

Date: September 8th to October 31st 2014

It is Halloween event that has theme of autumn harvest festival “Halloween Fair” with full of pumpkins and bright atmosphere. Fun atmosphere hangs in the air that is far from Halloween’s unique weirdness and photo location of Mickey and other character having fun appears at Plaza.

Playing game “harvest game” was held during parade, so small kids even can enjoy.

At night “Night High Halloween”, that shoots up special fireworks is held. Skelton fireworks, which is so Halloween-like is shot up and it was a great success.

-Disneyland (California) “Mickey’s Halloween Party”

Date: September 12th to December 31st 2014

There are many events that can be enjoyed with family such as fireworks event that hosted by Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas, “Halloween Scream” and “Monsters University Dance Party” that Mike and Sully from “Monsters University” appear was held.

“Pumpkin Festival” is held by hundreds of Pumpkins at Main Street USA, so fantastic atmosphere that is bit different that usual can be enjoyed.

-Magic Kingdom “Mickey’s not so Scary Halloween Party”

Date: September 1st to December 31st 2014

Mickey’s not so Scary Halloween Party a special event that people can enjoy attractions with dressed up after closing the park was held.

Also, there are many events by villains such as Jack from “Nightmare Before Christmas”, “Meet & Greet” that can meet villains”, or “Villains Mix and Mingle Live on Stage”, which performed by villains were held and other than that “Mickey’s Boo to You Halloween Parade by knight without head were held, so it was an event full of Halloween’s dark atmosphere.

-Hong Kong Disneyland “Haunted Halloween 2014″

Date: October 2nd to October 31st 2014

The new night parade “Disney Paint the Night” was held.

“Fantasyland Masquerade Ball” that can meet dressed up Mickey and other characters was held at Fantasyland and a bit scary “Sid’s Toy Photo Location” appeared at Toy Story Land.

Each Disney Park has different theme and different contents.

It is exciting to see what kind of event will be held this year.

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