tdr0730_Hong Kong Disneyland’s annual passport is so strict? Advanced way of verifies the identity


“Annual passport” is necessary item for people who visit Tokyo Disney Resort often. The initial investment is a bit expensive, but this passport is so reasonable the more visiting the Tokyo Disney Resort, so it is great for Disney fans.

The “annual passport” that is used at Tokyo Disney Resort has picture of guest on the card, which has Disney character on and identity verification is done by face photo.

Of course when the guest’s face and photo on passport looks different the guest cannot go inside the park by unauthorized person. To lie about the face is not that easy, so don’t you think it is quite a strict identity verification?

But when comparing with “Hong Kong Disneyland” that is located in the same Asia area Japanese way of verifies the identification puts in a category of “not strict”.

Then what kind of “annual passport” is issuing in another country?

Actually with Hong Kong Disneyland “biometric authentication” is adapted for identity verification. With “annual passport” that issued at Hong Kong Disneyland has record for biometric authentication is exists on the passport, so identity verification is done by checking fingerprints instead of checking with face photo.

It is such an advance way of verifying identity.

By the way there is no face photo on “annual passport” of Disney park in America. Instead of that photo data is linked with bar code that is on the card, so verification of identity is done by photo.

And “annual passport” of Disneyland Paris is just like Japanese one that it has face photo on the card.

Other than Hong Kong it is standard to check with photo and may be biometric authentication is adapted someday just like Hong Kong.

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