tdr0719_How many dolls and animals at “It’s a Small World”?


“It’s a Small World” is a boat type attraction that exists at every Disney park in the world.

As the name of attraction says, there is “a small world” inside the attraction and it is an attraction that goes around with boat and seeing objet, dolls, or animals that is matched with each country’s image. It is loved by people regardless of age or sex since the Tokyo Disneyland opened.

Anyway, when speaking of highlight of this attraction is obviously “audio animatronics”, which is a technique that Disney proud to presents.

“Audio Animatronics” is robot that developed by Walt Disney Imagineering and action and voice is controlled to be match by computer.

Actually, dolls or animals that exist inside “It’s a Small World” are created by this “audio animatronics” and about 300 of dolls and about 250 of animals are there.

To control this many robots with computer…Disney’s technique is exquisite.

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