tdr0671_Famous film director was involved production of “Captain EO” starring Michael


“Michael Jackson” is king of pop that passed away in June 2009.

He is an superstar and “entertainer who have success the most in human history” and even now his popularity continue after his death.

He left many legends during his life that he left anecdote that “he reserved Tokyo Disneyland for himself” in Japan. 3D film attraction of such him became an attraction and it is no running in every Disney park.

That attraction is “Captain EO”.

In September 1986, it opened at Epcot and Disneyland, which was at the peak of popularity, next year September it opened in Tokyo Disneyland, and in April 1992 it opened in Disneyland Paris also.

All the “Captain EO” closed in late 90’s, but it came back after Michael’s death, so it is a popular attraction that is still running as of May 2015 at Disney parks except Tokyo Disneyland. (Captain EO opened July 1st 2010 and closed on June 30th 2014)

“Captain EO” is an attraction that has different atmosphere than other attractions in Disney park, but actually the person who did executive producer of this attraction is a worldwide famous film director.

That film director is…”George Lucas”

Isn’t it surprising that the famous film actor that is known from “Star Wars” or “Indiana Jones” series organized production of “Captain EO”.

By the way, “Captain EO” is still not adapted for the movies (DVD, Blu-Ray). It cannot be seen and enjoy in Japan, so it would be great if it comes out as a movie.

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