tdr0656_So cute! Mickey shaped wedding bouquet


“Disney Wedding” comes into head once in the life when the couple loves Disney.

I am sure there are many people who wish to make lifetime of memory at dreamland.

Although, “Disney Wedding” is such a popular program. It is always fully booked half a year away.

So, majority of people gave up on having wedding at Disney, because of schedule-wise or the parent’s schedule-wise.

Then I would like to recommend Disney’s wedding bouquet.

When the bouquet, which is typical item on wedding to Disney to Disney style when not able to make to Disney wedding it would be such a great memory.

The company that is making Disney bouquet is “Hibiya Kadan Ltd., Co.”

It is such a long-established store that is established in 1872, so I am sure there is people have heard this store before.

Hibiya Kadan already have sold sold many Disney flower gifts, but this time they have decided to carry wedding bouquet too.

The bouquet that Hibiya Kadan carries have two type, which are the “Wedding Bouquet: Mickey” that used white roses to shape mickey and “Color Bouquet: Minnie” that used pink and orange roses (as of April 2015).

This actually makes you have Disney Wedding atmosphere conveniently even not able to have wedding at Disney.

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