tdr0641_Obesity issue that becoming severe. Disney guideline that came up in obesity country America


It is all the sudden, but do you know recently obesity is one of issues in America?

From the data of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (as of 2014) the obesity rate of adult is 33.8%, which is a fact that it is covering 30% overall.

Also, children are becoming obesity that about 20% of children is in state of obesity.

The biggest reason that America is called obesity country is because of “excessive consumption of junk food”. We have a strong image of American eating hamburgers and hotdogs all the time.

The big appeal is how cheap it is.

Cheap junk food spread, which caused by social background of food service industry that developed rapidly and handout policy, so obesity started by low-income class getting addicted junk food as cheap meal.

It is just an issue of obesity, but it is a severe problem for America.

U.S Disney treated this problem heavily that they announced policy of not giving license contract of using Disney characters on food that doesn’t meet own standard in 2006 and also they announced new guideline for new measure in 2012.

The guideline says…

-Cutting down junk food advertisements that includes Disney channel, TV shows for kids, radio shows, and website for kids.
-Display mark of “Good For You Fun Too!” that has green check mark and gold Mickey symbol on licensed food package that meets Disney’s nutrition standard.
-Improve kid’s meal that is provided at Disneyland. (reducing the amount of salt)
-Promote exercise for kids.
-Promote healthy diet, etc.

Obesity countermeasures are set from many directions.

The fact that Disney, which providing the dream has to involve with obesity issue that is getting severe is because to protect the image of trustworthy company.

After all, please be careful to eat too much of junk food.

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