tdr0630_Out? Safe? Pretty dangerous snack package


Proprietary rights and copyrights that occur on every production.

Person or company that has that rights can be used that product, so others cannot be used without permission.

There are many rules and assert the rights according to that, but it is fact that many infringement of copyright like “use without permission” or “circulate fake one’s” for popular characters.

Disney that owns countless number of popular characters is known as a company that has trouble with infringement of copyright, but it is also famous as a company that is so strict about controls that.

The strictness of Disney even became a rumor that Disney argued about doodling that kids done.

The reason that Disney is being that strict is because Disney has popular characters.

If using such popular character on package without permission…then probably Disney requests incredible amount of compensation.

Or even using characters that stole ideas of Disney character have possibility of developing it to matter of legal procedures.

But there was a time situation of picking a quarrel with Disney that is so strict about copyright happened in Japan.

Actually, snack that has character that looks like just like “Mickey Mouse” was sold.

The snack is called “Takobue”.

It is a snack that was sold at Fukujuseika and wired character that is Mickey Mouse without ears and 4 octopus legs on package.

“Takobue” became famous since it appeared on “VOW”, which is contributed article from readers of “Takarajima” magazine in 1980’s, but it is not certain what kind of snack it is.

There are no documents even calling the selling agency, so it ended up becoming “chewing gum” or “candy” from public.

But it doesn’t have any relation with “octopus”. To start with it doesn’t even look like an “octopus”.

It is becoming overdue soon when speaking of Mickey Mouse’s copyright.

Disney misgiving when it almost becoming overdue, so behavior of determine “copyright term extension term act”, which is a new bill that extends the term by lobbying, but it is very interesting how it goes in the future.

By the way, even the copyrights overdue Disney characters are registered trademark, so it cannot be used for the purpose of business.

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