tdr0606_It doesn’t exist in Disneyland of Japan? XXX’s attraction


There are many fun attractions that are related to Disney films at Tokyo Disney Resort, but what we shouldn’t forget about is attractions of Pixar films.

Pixar films are very popular and well known just like Disney films, so such attractions are of course very popular.

There is “Monsters, Inc Ride & Go Seek!” at Tokyo Disneyland and “Toy Story Mania!” at Tokyo DisneySea. Both attractions are always crowded by many guests.

Anyway, such popular Pixar attractions there is an attraction that exists in foreign Disney park, but not in Japan.

That is an attraction that themed Pixar film “Cars”. Actually “Cars” attraction is already opened in oversea.

“Cars land”, which is a theme land that recreated “radiator springs” that appears in “Cars” opened on June 15th 2012 at “Disney California Adventure Park”, which is located in California of U.S.A.

Inside the theme land there are attractions like “Radiator Springs Racer”, “Meter’s Junkyard Jamboree”, and “Luigi ’s Flying Tires”, so it is a great success.

Also, at “Disneyland Paris” of France opened “Cars Race Rally”, which is a self-propelled type ride attraction on June 9th 2007 earlier than California’s.

Then you get curious about when it will appear in Japan.

By the way, from March 2015 to March 2024 there will be “redevelopment of Fantasyland” of Tokyo Disneyland and “development of new theme port” on south expanding area of Lost River Delta of Tokyo DisneySea is already decided, so “Cars” attraction may appear.

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