tdr0604_The name of poodle, which Walt had had same name?


“Walt Disney” was born as 4th son in family of 5 children.

Later two girls were born in between him and his wife “Lillian” and he was living happy life, but other than that he had another family member.

His other family member is poodle named “Duchess”.

Walt treated “Duchess” as one of family members.

Anyway, you might have realized now when hearing “Duchess”, but there is Disney character named same name as Walt’s pet.

That character appears in a film called “The Aristocats” , which was released in 1960.

It is the film a white cat “Marie” appears and became very famous in Japan.

“Duchess” is the main character and a white beautiful mother cat of “Marie”

When hearing the same name then you might think the origin of name coming from the name of Walt’s poodle, but it is not.

By the way, “Duchess” means “princess”.

It is such a perfect name for a white beautiful cat and Walt’s poodle also a dog with grace, so Walt named “Duchess”.

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