tdr0585_The dream atmosphere appeared at Roppongi Hills for celebration of Walt’s 110th birthday


In December 2011 the founder of Disney “Walt Disney” had his 100th birthday.

To celebrate that “certain event” was held as part of “adult Disney” that subjected adults from April 20th 2012 to December 25th.

That event was called “Sky Dream Shop” and “Sky Dream Deck”.

The venue was at “Roppongi Hills”, which has grown up atmosphere.

At “Sky Dream Shop” that held on 52nd floor sold cute goods even it is for adults.

And at “Sky Deck”, which is the highest observation deck that has 885.82 feet up sea level exhibited Yasumichi Morita’s installation.

The “Sky Dream Tree” that Mr. Morita Produced has about 4,000 of Swarovski element glowing and 110 characters according to his birthday silhouettes turns around along the sound of handbell and created fantasy world.

The dream world that appeared sudden at grown up space that is way far from the dream.

I am sure it made many exhausted with reality hearts.

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