tdr0582_“Walt Disney Exhibition” that held at Ginza Matsuya


“Walt Disney” who is the founder of Disney was born on December 5th 1901 in Chicago, Illionis, U.S.A.

Films and characters that he created is loved by many people all over the world even now celebrating 110th birthday in December 2011.

Anyway, to celebrate the great creator’s 110th birthday many events were held.

“Walt Disney Exhibition” is one of that.

It is four part composition.

-How Disney became Disney?
-Features of Disney’s source and classical films
-Disney world that spreads endless from film
-Magnificent dream that Walt left for future

Walt’s private pictures, valuble pictures, images, and documents related Disney was exhibited in order above and selling facility was provided that carries replica of stuffed doll of 1930’s.

This exhibition was held first time in Japan and the first place it held was at the famous department store “Ginza Matsuya”.

After holding it from April 18th (Wed) 2012 to May 7th(Mon) 2012 the exhibition changed venue to attract fans.

Kyoto exhibition July 20th(Fri) 2012 to August 12th(Sun) 2012
Ibaraki exhibition August 18th(Sun) 2012 to October 8th(Mon) 2012
Kobe exhibition October 16th(Tue) 2012 to October 24th(Wed) 2012
Nagoya exhibition December 15th(Sat) 2012 to January 20th(Sun) 2013
Mie exhibition February 1st(Sat) 2013 to March 31st(Sun) 2013

Walt probably never thought that exhibition of his own life get held in different country after death.

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