tdr0560_Actually it was a huge family? How many siblings Walt Disney had?


“Walt Disney Company” is an entertainment company that does business widely like animation film, live-action film, and theme park business.

It all started by establishing “Disney Brothers Studio” together with the Disney founder “Walt Disney” and his brother “Roy Disney”.

First it was a company that sold sequel of “Alice in Wonderland” series, but after recreating Alice series animation the business form changed to animation creating company by gathering animators.

Because “Disney Brothers” Disney films spread and loved worldwide, but did you know that Walt have more brothers other than Roy?

[Father] Elias Disney (railroad worker)
[Mother] Flora Disney

[Eldest son] Herbert Arthur Disney (postman)
[Second son] Raymond Arnold Disney (works at insurance company)
[Third son] Roy Oliver Disney
[Fourth son] Walter Elias Disney (Walt Disney)
[Eldest daughter] Ruth Flora Disney

Disney family is as shown above.

Actually Walt had 5 siblings.

By the way, “Disney Brothers Studio” was established when Roy was 30 and Walt was 22, which was in 1923.

Roy and Walt had 8 years of difference, but because Roy who was good at financial was there, so Walt could concentrate on his creation.

This was all became success because they were brothers…may be.

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