tdr0554_”It’s a Small World” used to be white?


“It’s a Small World” is an attraction that exist every Disney Park.

It is fairy tale like boat type rides attraction that goes around with melody of “It’s a Small World” and view small figures with each country’s costume.

So, speaking of “It’s a Small World”, other than features above, the façade (design of front of building) that has deep impact. Façade that used warm colors richly and it is like building block has very strong impact that it burns into eyes just seeing once.

Such colorful façade the coloring is different when Tokyo Disneyland opened and now.

Now it uses warm colors like orange or pink, but when it opened it used cool colors like white and blue.

The reason was because original Anaheim Disneyland’s “It’s a Small World” is pure white.

Tokyo Disneyland’s “It’s a Small World” opened with colors of blue with white base just like the original then the color changed to the current colors.

By the way, “Magic Kingdom” has white “It’s a Small World” and Paris and Hong Kong has colorful “It’s a Small World” just like Tokyo Disneyland’s.

But Anaheim “Disneyland” changes color once in a while, so we never know what color it will be next.

May be someday it changes to color that you would be so surprise?

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