tdr0548_Walt Disney’s face got tensed with war?


“Walt Disney” is the founder of Disney who created many fantastic animations, created popular characters, and created theme park that can be enjoyed from kids to adult.

It is not exaggerated to say that innovation occurred on entertainment industry, animation industry, and theme park industry, because of his existence.

But behind these accomplishments there were many hard times.

“Disney Brothers Studio” was established for the third time lucky after bankrupt the company twice.

In 1972, he created “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” and it becomes very popular, but the rights of character, film, animator was lost in once then the company was on the brink of bankruptcy.

“Mickey Mouse” became the life savor who was born in 1928.

His appearance saved difficult time and was able to rebuild the Disney Studio.

Then “Snow White”, which is Disney’s first feature length film and world first color animation was released 1937. This became success and everyone thought Disney Studio would continue leaping…

1939, which was after 2 years of that Europa war (World War II started) by Germans invaded Poland and England and France declaration of war to Germany and that brought ruin to Disney Studio.

When the war occurs of course the box office gets reduced.

By that Disney Studio’s business situation became poor and restricting had to be occur to adjust number of employees.

But at that time level of familiarity of Disney Studio was increasing, so criticism towards cutting employees thronged, so rivalry with labor and management became violent.

No profits, deterioration of management, and discord with labors… problems were brought up one after another and there was no time to rest, so Walt’s face became tense and he received damage mentally that he washed his hands every few minutes.

“Roy Disney” who is Walt’s brother and business partner left the Studio on the occasion of war, so Walt was facing this miserable state on his own.

Until 1945, which the war finished he kept creating many famous work like “Pinocchio”, “Fantasia”, “Dumbo”, or “Bambi” and protected the Disney Studio.

Because he opened new track for tomorrow while going through the hard time, but without giving up, so current Disney exists.

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