tdr0535_Mickey robot is next? The state of dreamland robot


It has been several years since it is 21st Century and the technology of creating robot is continue improving.

There are various robots appeared like robot that keep running with battery or robot that creates by combing pieces that comes with magazine supplement, which are quite easy and there are robots that acknowledge human voice.

Lately, “Pepper”, which the world first emotion recognition personal robot is active as advertisement for cellphone company “Soft Bank”, so future of robot technology become brighter.

Anyway, at Disney park robots have very important role. Especially with attractions robots that shaped in animals or dolls are active.

This is the robot that called “audio animatronics” that developed by Walt Disney Imagineering and “it moves along the voice that controlled by computer” as the origin of name says, which is “audio”, “animation”, and “electronics”.

These latest technology is creating the dreamland a better place, so actually robot that is way better than that is planed.

That robot is “autonomous Mickey Mouse robot”.

Now (as of 2012) the latest autonomous robot is plan to develop that reads expression of guest and answer the question that guest has on it own.

When the robot gets completed the first appearance probably will be Anaheim.

It is not becoming real, so don’t know how it will be, but it would take long time the robot to appear at Tokyo Disney Resort.

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