【tdr0514】The first common people who got inside Anaheim Dinsneyland


“Disneyland” that is the starting point of everything was opened in Anaheim, which is suburb of Los Angeles of California, United States of America on July 17th 1955.

On the opening day many Hollywood stars and famous people were invited and many reporters gathered and showed how much it was flourishing, on the other hand 35000 of guests appeared, so much misery came out that many troubled occurred.

From the disaster it started to call “Black Sunday”, but the way people paid attention never changed that even special TV show was broadcasted hosted by “Donald Regan”.

So, this “Disneyland” opened for public from the next day, which was July 18th. From the day guests were allowed to enter. It is more like the real start of the Disneyland.

On such day, who stepped inside fist?

The commemorable first guest was “Dave McPherson” who is 22 years old and goes to California State University.

He was watching the TV of the opening of Disneyland and wanted to “in-park the first” then he made action.

He is a man of deeds, not of words.

Also, many guests came to visit by interested in due to media influence like saw the “TV show”, “saw the special TV show”.

And Disneyland achieved more than 1 million guests after not even 2 months from the opening. After that it has been increasing the number of attendance gradually.

Now it has been 60 years since it opened and Disneyland has grown to the worldwide theme park that everyone knows.

Dave who visited Disneyland first probably overwhelmed how Disneyland making progress.

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