【tdr0479】There is a amusement park that became a model for Disneyland?


On July 17th, 1995, “Disneyland” was opened in Anaheim, which is a city that located suburbs of Los Angelis of California, United States of America as the first theme park that Walt Disney Company runs.

The dreamland that Walt Disney who is the founder put the thought of “family enjoys feeling safe and filled with joy and energy” is so close to the 60th year.

And now “Disney” is spread worldwide and “Disney Park” that gives dream expanded worldwide too.

This can be said that all of these are the result of Walt’s will.

Although, Walt Disney did not create this dreamland from nothing. Surprisingly, “Disneyland” has a model amusement park.

Which is “Tivoli” that created in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1843.

It is world’s leading sightseeing spot that 270 million of people have visited since it established and is famous for author Hans Christian Andersen who has written “Den lille Havfrue” visited this amusement park.

“Tivoli” is very valuable from historic view, but how come Walt chosen this amusement park as a model of Disneyland?

Condition of “place family can enjoy” was at the root of theme park that Walt had an idea of.

He wanted to create “a place where family can visit and enjoy safely” rather than “a place where kids can only enjoy”.

So, Walt found what he was looking for at “Tivoli”.

The spotless park, wonderful attendance from employees, and design that family can enjoy. Everything was what Walt was looking for.

Walt formulated a plan and constructed the “Disneyland” by taking ideas from “Tivoli”.

If he never had a chance to come up with “Tivoli” then the Disneyland we know probably became different.

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