【tdr0478】The attraction that “Walt Disney” who is the father of Disney created last


The first theme park “Disneyland”, which the Walt Disney Company runs, was opened on July 17th 1995 in Anaheim, California.

This Disney park is the first park that “Walt Disney” who is the founder of Disney constructed by putting his ideal and dream.

Walt loved deeply this “Disneyland” and always putting effort to make it better.

On the weekends, he expands various ideas by looking out the Disneyland that is full of energy from his own room that provided inside the Disneyland and created many attractions, because he had thought of “wanting it to be a place safe and where family can enjoy”.

His love towards “Disneyland” is enormous that he continues to love the Disneyland until his death.

The attraction that he last created was “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Walt was satisfied the realistic movements that dolls of pirates that moves during the attraction and was probably very excited for the finish.

But he could not see the finish look that Walt Disney was past away on December 15th 1966 due to lung cancer.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” finished construction just after 3 months of Walt’s death, which was on March 18th 1967.

If he could live 3 months longer… It is truly regrettable.

By the way, there is a rumor that “Walt Disney is cryopreserving at the basement of Anaheim’s Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Before his death, Walt had skill of cryopreserve the human body and there is Trance Time that does human body cryopreserve in California. This rumor tends to spread when Pirates of the Caribbean was his last creation.

In another word, Walt is a person who influenced many people.

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