【tdr0464】Christmas spirit can be enjoyed until January at Anaheim’s Disneyland Resort


Christmas event is a huge last event of the year at Tokyo Disney Resort.

“Christmas Fantasy”, which is familiar with Tokyo Disneyland is an event that has history that performed since opening and it used to be a short event that only performed for few weeks until 1990, but now it grown to a huge event that performs for about 2 months now.

Although, at “Disneyland Resort” of Anaheim, which is the first ever Disneyland performs “Holiday at Disneyland Resort” from November to next year’s beginning of January and as a part of it “Christmas Fantasy Parade” is performing.

Isn’t it surprising to do Christmas event until January from Japanese perspective?

In Japan, Christmas event has strong image of from November to the day of Christmas day, which is December 25th by having various business strategy encouraging.

Japanese people tend to think “Christmas is over after 25th of December and next is New Year’s eve then New Year’s”…But many Western countries keep on going the Christmas event to January, so it isn’t rare that Disney is performing Christmas event until January.

This culture differences leaded to the difference of period of time of Christmas event.

By the way, Hong Kong Disney, which located in Asia, just like Japan finishes Christmas event on 25th of December.

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