【tdr0460】Surprise! Proposing at “Splash Mountain”


To ask somebody out or proposing at Disney park or to have wedding at Disney hotel is popular event for couples who love Disney.

In front of “Cinderella Castle” is the most popular place proposing.

It brings up the princess spirit of women have and is definitely brings up the atmosphere of romantic view even it is fairy tale-like.

Although, typical propose is not very fun.

So, at Disney park of America there was a man who proposed in very humorously.

He actually proposed while riding “Splash Mountain”.

This was done with supports from his friends that the man got on just behind the fiancé where she is on the first row of log shaped ride and 4 of his friends got on behind the man.

And when it falls down they all lifted up the huge paper that has letters on towards the commemorative camera.

Friend 1 “LINDSAY”
Friend 2 “WILL YOU”
Friend 3 “MARRY”
“Friend 4 “ME?”
The man “(pictures of ring)”

The picture looked like that. To put that in sentence… “LINDSAY WILL YOU MARRY ME?”. And he proposed her as a surprise by going to see the picture as if he doesn’t know and only his fiancé gets surprise.

May be it is a bit embarrassing, because of people around you, but it is such a wonderful way of proposing that leaves the moment in the picture.

For those “who want to surprise propose” this might be one of the ideas.

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