【tdr0451】Walt Disney is cryopreserved!? The surprising truth of urban legend


“Walt Disney” is the father of Disney.

He put so much of effort to give dream and hope to many people and his life ended on December 15th 1966.

Walt Disney left his name in history by creating and sharing many Disney films and created world-famous theme park.

From his achievements there is his unbelievable urban legend.

That is “body of Walt Disney is cryopreserved”.

Actually Walt Disney in frozen capsule of Trans Time Inc. is laid the basement of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, which located Anaheim Disneyland.

And popular newspaper National Spotlight reporter who sneaked in the mortuary of St. Joseph Hospital where Walt past away actually saw the capsule and he made article about that.

When there is an eyewitness then we think he is actually cryopreserved.

But, this is wrong information.

It is because Walt’s body cremated and buried at Forest Lawn cemetery in Los Angeles, which Michael Jackson also rest.

This is an urban legend that can tell it is false by making few searching, but how this rumor started?

During his lifetime Walt was interested in cryonics technique, which cryopreserve human. Cryonics technique is done for the purpose to store the “body after no time of death”, which cells are still alive and give treatment in the future when medical technology is improved to life prolonging.

It may sound a fantastic story, but there are few companies that do cryonics. Other than Trans Time Inc, which brought up in the rumor, Alcor Life Extension Foundation, Krio Rus, and Cryonics Institute are famous for that.

The reason why Walt was interested in that is because Trans Time Inc, was located in California and he realized their existence.

By that the urban legend of him being cryopreserved spread.

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