【tdr0416】Tokyo Disneyland ranked second in the world” The Global Attractions Attendance ranking 2013


International nonprofit organization of amusement and cultural facilities industry “Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) and Research Company of entertainment industry specialty AECOM Economics” announced “Global Attractions Attendance Report”, which is ranking of number of attendance of 2013 subjecting theme parks and amusement parks in the world in June, 2014.

So where did Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea ranked in?

I have listed the ranking of 1st to 10th.

___________________________2013________2012 (number of attendance)

1. Magic Kingdom
(Walt Disney World Resort/ Florida) 18,588,000___17,536,000

2. Tokyo Disneyland
(Tokyo Disney Resort) 17,214,000___14,847,000

3. Disneyland
(Disneyland Resort/ Anaheim) 16,202,000___15,963,000

4. Tokyo DisneySea
(Tokyo DisneySea) 14,084,000___12,656,000

5. Epcot
(Walt Disney World Resort/ Florida) 11,229,000___11,063,000

6. Disneyland Park
(Disneyland Paris/ France) 10,430,000___11,200,000

7. Disney Animal Kingdom
(Walt Disney World Resort/ Florida) 10,198,000___9,998,000

8. Disney Hollywood Studio
(Walt Disney World Resort/ Florida) 10,110,000___9,912,000

9. Universal Studio Japan 10,100,000___9,700,000

10. Disney California Adventure
(Walt Disney World Resort/ Florida) 8,514,000___7,775,000

Surprisingly Tokyo Disneyland became the world second by overtaking the Anaheim Disneyland, which is the first Disney park.

This is fantastic!

Tokyo DisneySea is 4th that also doing great.

Disney parks in Japan can be said it is world famous theme park.

Even so, it is surprising everything except the 9th of “Universal Studio Japan” is all related Disney.

After all, it is world famous Disney Parks.

It would be interesting to see the ranking of the year Shanghai Disney park opened.

By the way “Nagashima Spa Land” placed in 18th and “Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise” placed in 25th.

Japanese theme parks are fabulous.

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